Red Eagle Avionics - Owner: Dave Cannavo - General Manager: Jason Barron


We are an FAA Certified Repair Station (CRS #: EHER536D) and offer a full array of services to the General Aviation aircraft owner and Corporate operator, to include the following:

General Aviation Customers:
  • Avionics installations, upgrades, repairs and servicing
  • Glass Cockpit PFD/MFD Retrofit upgrades - see our photos in the Photo Gallery!
  • Engine Monitoring and Fuel Flow systems installation
  • Biennial Pitot/Static, Altimeter and Transponder certifications (91.411 and 91.413)

Corporate Aviation Customers:
  • 12- and 24-Month RVSM Certifications for properly equipped Corporate aircraft - 91.411 and 91.413
  • Pitot/Static System Leak Checks after replacement of Air Data Computers or Transponders
  • Transponder Strapping for Mode S Transponders following change in registration
  • 12-Month JET Emergency Power Supply Capacitance Checks
  • 12-Month 406 MHz ELT certifications for GA and Corporate aircraft (91.207)

We offer aircraft brokering services for those looking to sell or buy:
  • List your aircraft with nation-wide advertising sources (,,,, etc.)
  • List your aircraft in the Aircraft Listings section of our website
  • Can coordinate with buyer and seller for the following: Pre-buy inspections, annual inspections, financing options, insurance options, closing representation
  • First-time purchase guidance - we'll be by your side through the entire process!

Aero Enterprises - Owner: Dave Cannavo


Aero Enterprises, Inc. has been importing and restoring ex-Soviet aircraft for over 14 years. To date, we have delivered 37 L-39, 11 L-29, 5 MiG 21, 2 MiG 23, 4 YAK, and 3 AN-2 aircraft. In addition, we have assisted several owners in assembling their own aircraft.

Our in-house capabilities include:
  • Acquisition, packing, shipping and importing of aircraft from all countries
  • FAA-approved inspection programs, NDT testing and compliance with all required inspections
  • Certification of aircraft
  • Pilot training in the following aircraft: L-29, L-39, MiG21, 23, 29, AN-2, and all YAKs
  • Rolls Royce Viper engine upgrade for L-29
  • DV-2 engine upgrade for L-39
  • Wet wing modification for L-29
  • MiG 21 self-start modification
  • Cockpit restoration and modification, including paint, formica, new instrument panels, and the latest in retrofit avionics systems
  • Avionics installation, repair and servicing
  • Repairs and customer-requested modification on any aircraft
  • Custom logo design and paint jobs for any aircraft